Description of the DUAL program

1st year

Fall: Course session

Winter: Course session

Summer: Regular internship 1

2nd year

Fall: Course session

Winter: Course session

Summer: Internship 2 - Beginning of DUAL

3rd year

Fall: DUAL session

Winter: DUAL session

Summer: Internship 3 - Continuation of DUAL

4e année

Fall: DUAL session

Winter: DUAL session

Late Winter: Graduation

Course development

Internship 1

Regular internship as in other universities

internship 2

Regular internship

At the end of the internship, the company can sign a DUAL contract to keep the student during the fall and winter sessions

internship 3

Regular internship for students without DUAL


DUAL internship for students with a DUAL contract

General information on internships

Drummondville program

DUAL internship (5 days / week) and DUAL sessions (3 days / week at school and 2 days / week at work)

Only mechanical engineering students

peculiarities of internships

Internship lasting approximately 15 weeks


The supervisor must be an engineer


Paid internships

Dual agreement

Student engagement

Stay with the same company for its 3rd and 4th year

Employer engagement

Give 90h of training on the know-how of the engineer

Carry out your end of study project in the company

Find a complex end of study project for the student

Example of training

- Oral and written communications

- Subjects dealing with humanities and social sciences

- Professionalism , Deontology, Equity and law

- Impact of technology on society

- Health and security

- Sustainable development and environmental stewardship

- Engineering economics and project management